The Solution

We are going to replace the current Makin Organ with a new Viscount Digital Organ. This will cost £51,700 which equates to approximately:

  • £1,000 per stop or
  • £240 per individual note

There will be 215 individual notes - 183 of which can be played with the fingers and 32 by an organists feet - and 51 speaking stops.

As well as creating an organ that is totally reliable, it is proposed to develop a more flexible instrument, putting the sound where it is needed within the building. When the church is full, a more consistent sound that fills the whole building is required. On the other hand, when the organ is accompanying only a small number, the sound needs to be focused at the front of the church.

The new Viscount digital organ will be a draw stop organ with 3 manuals and 51 speaking stops creating a much wider spectrum of sounds.

An Instrument that will be right for Holy Trinity now and all the way into the middle of the 21st century

An impression of the new organ console